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The American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists was established in 1955 to provide postdoctoral continuing education for the chiropractic orthopedic specialty. The College is an independent, not for profit, educational organization dedicated to supporting the chiropractic orthopedist by providing an annual educational conference for all Doctors of Chiropractic interested in advancing their knowledge in chiropractic orthopedics.  The College also provides a meeting venue for the chiropractic orthopedic membership organizations to advance the growth of the specialty. Membership is open to ALL Doctors of Chiropractic.

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The ACCO will refund $100 of your registration fee if you refer a Vendor to the event, and they become a paying exhibitor. Only one attendee per vendor. for more information, contact Dr. Vancho at (208) 773-1868.

Why seek care from a Chiropractic Orthopedist?

Board certified chiropractic orthopedists are doctors of chiropractic who have completed extensive postdoctoral education in non-surgical orthopedics, and have passed rigorous specialty Board examinations leading to Diplomate status as a chiropractic orthopedist. Less than 2% of chiropractic physicians attain this status.

To become Board certified, the chiropractic orthopedic specialist is required to demonstrate advanced proficiency in the evaluation and non-operative management of a broad range of injuries, conditions and disorders of the neuromusculoskeletal system with particular emphasis on the spine and extremities.

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A letter from our President

July 2019

Dear Colleagues,

I hope this upcoming Holiday weekend reminds you to reflect on those who have come before us, as well as, is restful and full of fun family activities. I would like to thank everyone for attending our Convention in Las Vegas. I believe we had a great event and very informative speakers. We hope to expand on this with even more useful and cutting edge content in 2020.

Each year, the Board of Directors, with the Education Chair, in particular, strive to improve on the previous Convention. Next year will be no different. It will be held on April 23-25, 2020, at the Tropicana in Las Vegas. Make sure that you not only mark the dates on your calendar, but also book your Tropicana Hotel room. This year, more than other years, it is imperative to book your room early,
as it is the same week end and place as the NFL draft.

I want to acknowledge our great members, as well as, the Board of the Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedists and the Council of Chiropractic Orthopedists. Our Coalition meeting emphasized each Groups’ goal of growth and strength within the Specialties. Each organization plays an essential role in working collaboratively to ensure the success and the longevity of our Orthopedics Specialty. 

A new program was started in collaboration with the University of Bridgeport. Now, the CE hours of next year’s Convention can go toward the Post Graduate Orthopedic Program! If you know of a Doctor who is interested in completing the Orthopedic Program, please, encourage them to attend next year. We continue to need the help of our members to ensure the health and legacy of this great Conference and Specialty. Every Diplomate in Orthopedics should maintain their membership in the College, the Academy and the Council. We should all look for and refer, prospective members, as well as, attend the Annual Convention. For more information, visit the websites of each board and submit your application(s). All three groups are eagerly looking for volunteers to serve on their boards and to work on their projects. These projects are essential for the strength of the Specialty.

I want to give a huge shout out and “Thank You" to NCMIC for their continued faith and support of this program. NCMIC typically helps sponsor speakers, as well as, 100% sponsorship of our General Membership Luncheon. They are a vital part of our Convention and our Profession. NCMIC's continued sponsorship allows us to remain faithful in our vision of keeping the Conference costs affordable and accessible.

Finally, I’d like to thank the Dr Lehman and the University or Bridgeport, for their help in providing speakers for this year’s Convention, as well as, getting CEU approval. We are very happy to have this great relationship to help move the Orthopedic specialty forward.

Please contact me at should you have any questions or concerns. Thank you again for your continued faith and support in this great Organization, and we will see you in Vegas next year!

Mick McConnell, DC, FACO

President American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists

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